EL Beauty Centers encompasses two beauty salons and a beauty institute, located in the central area of ​​Cluj-Napoca.
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Programari : E L Prestige  0731.371.415  | E L Institute  0728.413.793

Orar: L.-V: 8-20, S: 8-15, D: Inchis / Email:  office@elbeautycenters.ro


About us


EL Beauty Centers encompasses two beauty salons and a vocational training institute, located in the central area of the Cluj-Napoca city. Besides the uniform coverage and the excellent quality of our services, our salon has available for you a wide range of professional products, skilfully applied by our experts in the fields of hairstyling, facial aesthetics, cosmetic, manicure and pedicure.

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In our salons we pamper your hair with top quality products provided by L’Oreal Professionnel, with complex treatments for every type of hair provided by  Kerastase, we rejuvenate your skin with fancy creams and masks provided by Algologie or Etre Belle, creams that have in their composition gold, seaweed and caviar, or we take care of your hands and legs with SPA procedures for hydration, technic nails or semi-permanent gel, all from the  O.P.I variety.

We have recipes with which you’ll leave smiling after every visit in our beauty salons.

This being said, we also want to thank every single person that walks through our doorway every day and trust our team. According to the customer’s intake, filled for every person individually, 300 customers put their trust in our services every month.


Are you attracted to this area of work? Would you like to work in a beauty centre? Come to EL Institute! The team of lecturers, with an experience of up to 15 years in the field of beautification, will teach you everything, from the smallest details to the newest techniques by following courses certified by the Ministry of Education, at the highest level (level IV), in all of beautification’s areas: hairstyling, cosmetic, manicure-pedicure and nail art.

So far, over 1000 learners have put their trust in us, E L being the first accredited private school in Romania.


The first private beauty salon in Cluj has been opened in 1991, in the city’s centre, on the Potaissa Street, nr. 7. This initiative belonged to an ambitious and visionary young woman, Erika Löw, whose childhood dream was to make a contribution to the women’s happiness, giving form and colour to their beauty.

 “Inspiration had come to me from the travels I used to make in Germany and Hungary every time I had the chance, once every two years more specific, because this is how much the regime back them allowed. There I saw how the beauty salons were unfolding their activity and that’s where the wish of having my own salon was born, which I wanted not only to have a different look, compared to everything that existed at that time, but also work differently”, recalls the owner of the salons who has no less than 40 years of experience in the field. Not only she has fulfilled her dream, but she succeeded into creating a “chain of beauty” by opening two other salons: Glamour in 1995 and Institute in 2008, located in Cipariu Market and Anatole France Street, nr. 4. The plans for the future are just as daring: “I want to further develop the activity of the beauty centres. When I will have enough space I want to create two departments, stylistics and technics, through which I would determine the customers to acknowledge the need for specialists. Besides these specialised departments, I wish to create relaxation areas, where we would offer our customers a space for delight”, says Erika Löw, thanking her husband, her two children and last but not least to the entire team, those who believed and have contributed to this ample project.