EL Beauty Centers encompasses two beauty salons and a beauty institute, located in the central area of ​​Cluj-Napoca.
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Programari : E L Prestige  0731.371.415  | E L Institute  0728.413.793

Orar: L.-V: 8-20, S: 8-15, D: Inchis / Email:  office@elbeautycenters.ro




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Our beauty salons are increasing the number of team members and are looking for new experienced colleagues! Do you consider the art of the aesthetic one of your qualities? Come and delight us! Do you like to give life and form to the hair? Create in gel or acrylic? Or do you prefer to give skin its light back? If the questions above have affirmative answers, it’s time we knew each other better. Send us your CV at office@elbeautycenters.ro or give us a visit.

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