EL Beauty Centers encompasses two beauty salons and a beauty institute, located in the central area of ​​Cluj-Napoca.
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Eyelash extensions

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a revolutionary treatment that transforms your eyelashes, making them longer, thicker, more curved and with a more natural aspect.

With the classic 1:1 extensions, we can realise and amazing aspect which offers an even better application of the mascara. This technique is limited by the quantity of natural eyelashes the customer has, as well as by the different quantity of the eyelashes on every eye. This situation forces us to add more mascara on the disadvantaged eye in order to maintain symmetry. But as the customers have always wanted more, the only options were to work by diameter – the eyelashes are made longer and thickened, thing that has become problematic when the natural eyelashes of the customer could not sustain/ support these extensions.

With the new application techniques, we are capable of using less adhesive than by the classic method and at the same time obtain a better adhesion. This is thanks to the “Multi- Pick” method which allows the “hugging” of the natural string with two or more extensions strings for more contact. This way, a minimum quantity of adhesive is necessary.

Among the names of this technique, we have:

1D – 1 extension attached on one natural string

2D – 2 extensions attached on one natural string

3D – 3 extensions attached on one natural string

These techniques have been hard to master even by the most talented and experienced beauticians. Many of them have felt just like some amateurs at the beginning because it can take months until the practitioner can make his hands, wrists and eyes master the micro-movements these techniques require.

In the EL Beauty Centers salons, our professionals are very well trained and you can be sure that all of the offered services are at the highest standard of execution.