EL Beauty Centers encompasses two beauty salons and a beauty institute, located in the central area of ​​Cluj-Napoca.
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If patience is not one of your strengths and you want long nails at any cost and as sooner as possible, you can turn in to technic nails, which definitely keep themselves in the trend zone this year as well. Either be it those made out of gel, or acryl, with or without gel extensions or with the help of the tips, the technic nails remain the most aesthetical option. They look impeccable; the well-kept aspect of the nails maintains from one week to another without any effort whatsoever. Furthermore, they are the ideal solution for the people with nails that grow slower, break off from the flesh, have them brittle or exfoliated. When it comes to length, you have to know that it is no longer a “selection” criterion for beautiful nails. Lately, the majority of our customers request short or medium clipped nails. It’s true that the long ones are harder to take care of and to wear in the stay-at-home environment. Pedicure is beauty for health. Special attention must be given to the legs/ feet. “It must be taken into account the fact that the bottom of the feet sustains the entire body weight and they require a more thorough maintenance. Neglecting the pedicure can lead to serious problems in time, such as infections and incarnations. These are caused, actually, by the old habits of corners’ cutting, habits we don’t have and don’t recommend others to have. The toenails must be cut straight, with their edges slightly rounded, this being the form 90% of our clients request”, Ionela concludes.

Moreover, for the toenails apply the same rules as for the fingernails: classic as well as SPA pedicure can be made, as well as natural protection or technic nails. The same, models can be applied or the option of the classic French can be chosen for a special and groomed look.

When it comes to nail tending, it must be taken into account that classic manicure must be redone once every 7-10 days, gel protection for nails once every two- three weeks, and the technic ones must be filled once every three weeks, or even a month, depending on the growth rhythm of the nails. Pedicure must also be redone, approximately with the same frequency, once every two weeks or a month.